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Who We Are

Nurture You was birthed to remind women to Nurture You. Many times, women get lost in motherhood, relationships, careers, and simply life. In the Circle of Life, we must first nurture ourselves for us and others to grow. Nurture You is here to remind women to find what makes them happy, to love you, to be you, and to simply Nurture You.  Nurture your true self!


Meet the Founder

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Meet Joshualyne!

The Founder of  Nurture You (Nu). Joshualyne is  mother, wife and businesswoman. Joshualyne found Nu in 2020 while going through a journey of finding strength, peace, self-love and happiness. While going through her journey she discovered that many struggle with finding happiness at that moment Nu was birth to remind people to take time to nurture you and find what truly makes you make and nurture what makes you happy. In order for the world to continue to grow. You must Nurture You first!

Our Mission

Support the Cause

Support self-love, self-care, and mental health. Nurturing you is a lifestyle. When you support Nurture You not only are you nurturing yourself but you get to nurture others as well!

Every purchase made $1 will go towards a non-profit to support mental health.


#nulifestyle #mentalhealthmatters

Join the Family!

Welcome to the Family!

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